Vetricept, the novel formula veterinarians have been waiting for.
Vetricept Skin and Wound Cleanser provides a safe, highly effective, and gentle solution to cleanse, irrigate, moisten, and debride acute & chronic wounds.
Vetricept can also be safely used for burns, pressure sores, ulcers & abrasions, and abscesses.
Vetricept Hydrogel provides a safe and moist environment while helping to reduce topical itch and pain that most often accompanies compromised skin conditions and wounds, to allow the body to heal itself.
Vetricept Hydrogel reduces topical itch & pain.
Vetricept remains effective during re-use & storage for up to 28 days after opening as it eradicates bacteria, viruses, mold, spores, and superbugs inside the bottle and protects the solution itself.
Non-irritating, non-sensitizing, and well-tolerated when topically applied.
Does not cause damage to healthy cells & is safe for use on all animals.
Leaves no chemical residues behind after application.
Wound Healing
Vetricept provides a safe, moist environment, allowing wounds to heal.
Cancer Free
Non-mutagenic (non-cancer causing).
Stable while maintaining effectiveness during reuse for up to 28 days after opening.
Why our preservative does not promote pathogenic resistance?
Vetricept is a topical solution containing a patented formulation that provides a consistent in-vitro antimicrobial effect to keep the solution safe during multiple uses (per product labeling).  Vetricept Hydrogel also reduces topical itch and pain, and creates a safe moist environment to allow wounds to heal.
HOCl and The Body 
HOCl is produced by your pet's immune system during a process called phagocytosis which is used to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.  Phagocytes destroy pathogens in a process whereby myeloperoxidase, in a delicate combination with hydrogen peroxide creates HOCl.  Similar to our own bodies, animal immune systems produce HOCl when fighting infections.  Vetricept uses HOCl to provide a safe solution for moistening and debriding wounds to allow the body to heal.
A Natural Solution
​HOCl does not rely on a single mode of action to block or eradicate viruses, fungi, bacteria, or spores; it does not produce resistance amongst pathogens.  Studies demonstrate that HOCl does not promote the emergence of microbial resistance.  At the same time, it remains highly effective in the eradication of antibiotic-resistant bacteria or “superbugs”.  This multi-prong mechanism of HOCl involvement leads to the rapid deactivation of viruses and the destruction of pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungi) in solution thus, helping to maintain the integrity of the solution during multiple uses for up to 28 days after opening.
In-vitro Antimicrobial
HOCl damages bacteria by infiltrating the integrity of bacterial cell membranes by increasing its permeability (the ability to allow or pass through).  HOCl helps disrupt the energy cycle in bacteria (ATP), which is the central powerhouse for the production of energy and a universal, biological energy storage and transfer molecule.  This distruption short circuits the bacterial cells power supply lines.  This two-punch combo of cell membrane damage & halting of ATP production helps eradicate the pathogen.
In-vitro Antiviral
HOCl destroys viruses by breaking their structure.  Once the viral structure of a virus is compromised, it can no longer cause an infection.  This multi-prong mechanism of HOCl involvement leads to the rapid deactivation of viruses.
In-vitro Antifungal
HOCl targets and blocks kinase molecules (the signaling and circuitry “wires” of cells).  This “interference” triggers a cascade of events leading to the complete cell destruction in fungi.
You know what your current choices for wound care can do, choose Vetricept to see what they don't!